Heatwave, Corona and anger

Heatwave, Corona and anger

If the snow is not yet showing up, the heatwave, hit us since last week. Of course she is not really helpful for the homeless, already very affected by the coronavirus crisis.

«Our situation is only getting worse, and I have the impression that no one is interested. Because we are nobody and because the winter is still so far away» said sadly Patrick (46 year’s old) who moved especially to the social restaurant in Hollerich, just to stock up some water, to take a shower and take a meal. For Alexandra Oxacelay, the Stëmm vun der Strooss Manager, those tropical temperatures (close to 40º Celsius) are almost that dangerous than those falling down to 0º Celsius. This is the reason why the social workers added to the sensitization to the virus, that linked to the exeptional weather conditions.

Since end of march, the association was able, despite the fact’s, to keep the door’s open. Despite the decrease in its activities, the Stëmm vun der Strooss has succeeded in continuing to ensure the distribution of meals, but on the sidewalk in the form of tray, thus rousing the anger of residents and some local administrations. It is therefore with relief that the association which helps the underprivileged, the homeless, and those affected by a disease of addiction has reopened its social restaurant in Hollerich at 7 rue de la Fonderie. 140 people are coming every day and agree to comply with these  exceptional measures. And this following the pandemic that we are all currently experiencing : Wearing a mask, hydro gel, limitation to twenty people and per group for a limited time for a lunch of 25 minutes.

Medical consultations are free, the distribution of clothes and access to the showers, only by appointment. As Joanna says : « It’s better than before. At least, now we can rest a little bit and especially… we are no longer obliged to eat standing up or on the edge of windows. Alexandra Oxacelay for its part, asks herself when she wil again be able, with her team, to organize barbecues and beach parties on the terrasse, go on excursions and ride at the Schueberfouer. She hopes it will be next summer. Let’s hope.

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