Orange and Red Alert at the Stëmm vun der Strooss

Social workers consider it as dangerous to expose vulnerable individuals to extreme heat as it is to leave them outside at temperatures below 0°C. Therefore, the restaurants in Esch-sur-Alzette and Hollerich will remain open as usual, namely from 11h30 to16h30.

In order to avoid risking the health of the individuals benefitting from a professional reintegration, they will only work in the morning. It has also been decided that the food prepared and served should be limited to cold dishes, and that water bottles would be widely distributed. However, the services usually proposed, such as the showers, the laundry room, the changing rooms and the medical service will be suspended. The social workers will make sure that their clients will take longer breaks, or leave earlier if necessary.

Besides, the Caddy atelier diminished the drivers’ duties for the day, as the van is not air conditioned. It has been decided that the amount of products to be retrieved from Auchan would be limited, and that only dried goods could be brought in.

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