Press release: Stëmm vun der Strooss supports HUK Hëllef fir Ukrainësch Kanner and Hëllefen mat Herz

Press release: Stëmm vun der Strooss supports HUK Hëllef fir Ukrainësch Kanner and Hëllefen mat Herz

In order to help the Ukrainian population, the Stëmm vun der Strooss decided to provide the non-profit associations HUK Hëllef fir Ukrainësch Kanner and Hëllefen mat Herz with large quantities of non-perishable food and hygiene items. As the Stëmm also wanted to be involved in solidarity with the Ukrainian community, it was decided to turn to an organisation that has for a long time been active in humanitarian aid, focusing specifically on Ukraine and its children.

The HUK association has officially existed since 1999 and regularly transports clothing and accessories for babies, children and adults, shoes, handbags, toys, cuddly toys, towels, blankets, suitcases, bandages, glasses, prams, cots, medicines and other items directly to Ukraine. Already this year, 4 trucks full of donations left the warehouse at 60, rue Eich in Leudelange for Ukraine.

It is therefore an optimal choice for the Stëmm to join forces with Jeannot Majerus, President of HUK asbl, as one can be sure that thanks to Mr Majerus’ network, the products will be distributed to the people who need them most at the moment. Thus, the Stëmm organised a donation ceremony at its premises at 7 rue de la Fonderie on Friday 14 April 2022. The asbl is proud to present Jeannot Majerus with a collection of washing machines and dryers, toys and school supplies to provide for about 50 Ukrainian families. In addition, 1.4 tonnes of food were collected and distributed to these families, all thanks to the Stëmm’s partnership with Auchan.

It is also worth mentioning that Pit Romersa, founder of the Luxembourg start-up Thalus, who had cooperated with the Stëmm several times recently, got involved again and participated in this beautiful solidarity action. A pallet of spring water, packed in recyclable Tetra Pak cuttings and free of pollutants, was very quickly delivered to the warehouse of the non-profit association HUK, which had expressed a need for fresh water to supply the numerous Ukrainian families.

In addition, the Stëmm also provides Chantale Geisen with essential products. The president of the non-profit association Hëllefen mat Herz, has been invested for over 10 years to collect clothes, furniture and other items to give to people in need. For all these years, Chantale Geisen has also been collecting clothes for the Stëmm.

This time it is the Stëmm that is providing her with products, as the asbl Hëllefen mat Herz, is currently reaching out to all households that have taken in Ukrainian families to offer them food and hygiene items. According to Chantale Geisen, the demand is great, as is the joy of the people hosting refugees, who are delighted to receive the support after their exemplary efforts. As many of these households now have to increase their weekly shopping, any mutual help is welcome.

The Stëmm vun der Strooss is proud to contribute to the collective support thanks to its two partners and would like to emphasise that the social restaurants as well as the other daily services of the asbl are open to Ukrainian refugees as well as to the disadvantaged people of our society.

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