Press release: The Stëmm discovers the Waligator and the Walibi parc

Press release: The Stëmm discovers the Waligator and the Walibi parc

Friday 12 August was a special day for the beneficiaries of the social restaurants of Hollerich, Esch-sur-Alzette and Ettelbruck and for the people who work there in the framework of socio-professional reintegration.

It was the day of the traditional outing that is eagerly awaited every year by many clients of the Stëmm vun der Strooss. This year, educators Jill Jucken and Noémie Maertz, together with the entire reception team of the Hollerich site, organised a visit to the Walibi theme park in Havre, Belgium, to offer a special moment to those in need.

68 people and 13 employees and volunteers from Stëmm, who had started early in the morning by bus from Hollerich, enjoyed the festive atmosphere during the journey and arrived at the park, just in time for the opening of the doors. They were then able to tackle the many different attractions, each on their own or in groups, in glorious weather. Lunch was prepared by the kitchens of the social restaurants and the visit ended with a drink on a terrace in convivial company before they drove back to Luxembourg, arriving at Stëmm at around 7pm.

On the other hand, Francesco Settanni, site manager of the Stëmm vun der Strooss in Esch-sur-Alzette, organised an excursion to the Walygator activity park near Metz. Around 60 people took the short bus ride to take advantage of this great offer. Francesco Settani, who is also responsible for the settlement of Stëmm in Ettelbruck, where a social restaurant will be opened in autumn, also had about 30 people from Ettelbruck come by bus to take part and spend a nice day together with the Stëmm staff.

And at the Walygator, the mood was just as cheerful as in Havre. The Stëmm teams knew how to bring smiles and joy to the participants so that they could forget their worries or problems of everyday life for a few moments.

The social restaurants were exceptionally closed that day, but the beneficiaries were able to have lunch in Hollerich on Saturday and in Esch-sur-Alzette on Sunday.
These great outings are only possible every year thanks to the support of private individuals and companies and the commitment of the association’s staff.

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