Stemm vun der Strooss – Partnership with BNY Mellon

Stemm vun der Strooss – Partnership with BNY Mellon

Founded in 1996, the Stëmm vun der Stross (literally translated as ‘Voice of the Street’) encourages the social and professional integration of underprivileged but also discriminated individuals. The association mainly supports people who are homeless, unemployed, living on a minimum wage, ex-criminals, asylum seekers, immigrants and people who suffer from addictions to such as alcohol, drugs and medication.

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BNY Mellon employs 250 people in Luxembourg and has a large Community Partnership throughout the world, raising money and helping local charities in each location.

BNY Mellon has been in partnership with Stemm vun der Strooss since 2008. Since then, the firm’s employees have volunteered at several events organized by the Stëmm on a regular basis and they have also organised other initiatives to raise money for the charity. These events include the annual Christmas dinner, the annual barbecue, clothes collections, Easter egg donations.

This partnership is mutually beneficial: the Stëmm vun der Strooss not only benefits from the donations, but also from the relationships that the employees forge with the people that are supported by the Stëmm. From BNY Mellon‘s point of view, the employees find the events humanly enriching and a way of giving something back to the local community.

BNY Mellon encourages its employees to support community initiatives by granting them 2 volunteering days per year. This enforces the corporate values of the company.

Feedback from the employees, who helped out has always been very positive, hence why many people agree to volunteer again every year. “It is very good to see how well the organisation does in helping out people who may not be as privileged as we are”, said one of the volunteers after helping out at the barbecue, which took place at the charity‘s headquarters in October 2015. “I don’t feel that only the charity is benefiting from the time we spend here but it is a great opportunity for us too. We can give something back to the community and we also learn to appreciate certain things in life more. It is amazing to see the smile on people’s faces when you can serve them a warm meal yourself.”

The employees at the BNY Mellon are constantly looking for new ideas to help the charity and to go the extra mile. This year, Easter eggs were donated. Within 1 week of collecting, BNYM Luxembourg employees had generously donated over 600 chocolate Easter Eggs, For each donation made by the employees in volunteering hours or collections, the Bank generously matches with a monetary equivalent.

The Stëmm vun der Strooss looks forward to working with the BNY Mellon in the future.


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