This project has been launched by the Foundation Thierry Van Werveke and , where about 30 disposable cameras has been distributed to people that support the Stëmm and Abrigado. The project enables the documentation of life in Luxembourg, where underprivileged lives can be exposed in a creative manner.

Discussing and confronting the general public of social exclusion can be a difficult task, thus the introduction of the project, where people can choose which images they can share. The storytelling through images enables communication and provokes a platform of exchange. The issue of underprivileged human conditions can be communicated through a cultural platform and exchange to tackle social exclusion.

The participants got 150 € for each sold picture. The exhibition “Sweet Home – Doheem zu Lëtzebuerg” took place the 8th of February 2013 in the Abbaye of Neumünster. The book of the exhibition has printed 1000 copies and is available for 25 € at the Stëmm. The copy can also be send via post and paid through online banking on following account BCEELULL LU63 0019 2100 0888 3000.

Additionally, the project has been exhibited with help of the association “Gare & Solidarité” in the city of Luxembourg and Esch-Belval.

Affiche Expo. Sweet Home