‚I have been active for the Stëmm for the past six years. Gast, my son, has introduced me to this. I had many heated discussions with women my age because of my acquaintance with ‘these people’. I am happy though and see them as my friends. People , are straight-forward and I like that. They have been exposed to many difficulties in their lives but they never lose their sense of humor. We have laughed so much here! Nobody ever made me feel uncomfortable. I come here with joy.’
Michelle, 84 ans
‘I had come to join the Stëmm through another friend. I had been working for a bank most of my life and told myself that I would want to do something different in my retirement, mainly as a volunteer. All my colleagues have been skeptical towards my work at the Stëmm. My loved ones, however, have been very supportive. The first time I started here, I did not know how people would react. I thought that they might be aggressive. But that was not the case at all. Nobody really knew my role. ‘Oh hey, the new guy!’’ Nobody knew that I was in fact a volunteer. Now, I have simply become one of them.’
Nico, 67 ans