On 1 February, Stëmm vun der Strooss had the pleasure of welcoming the Minister of Sustainable Development and Infrastructure, François Bausch, to its social restaurant in Hollerich. The visit began with a tour of the premises accompanied by the President of the association, Marcel Detaille, the Vice-President, André Theisen and the Director, Alexandra Oxacelay. The Minister took the opportunity to have lunch on site before heading to the professional reintegration workshop Stëmm Caddy in Bonnevoie. He saw the daily work carried out by the teams on site, but also the need for necessary materials in order to improve working conditions.

It is with great interest that the Minister followed the presentation of the project that would allow Stëmm to recover up to 500 tonnes of food a year and thereby limit food waste. The Caddy2/ Schweesdreps2 project would above all contribute to professional reintegration, since the number of people it employs would increase from 50 to 90. Caddy2 would also help to fight against poverty by expanding the list of organisations that benefit from food packs.