Valentine’s Day for all thanks to the Majany Foundation

Valentine’s Day for all thanks to the Majany Foundation

John Li, the representative of the Fondation Majany, had 250 red and white roses delivered to the Stëmm vun der Strooss social restaurant, located at Hollerich 7, rue de la Fonderie.

This is already the third consecutive year that this action is taking place on Valentine’s Day – the day of lovers. Alexandra Oxacelay, director of the Stëmm, is delighted each time, because for her: “Our clients, homeless people, the long-term unemployed, former prisoners, young people in difficulty, drug and alcohol addicts, mentally ill people and asylum seekers particularly appreciate this beautiful gesture, especially in the winter period. It is only too rare that they are the object of such expressions of affection. “For a customer of the restaurant, the rose is worth a lot: “I intend to give it to someone who is particularly dear to me.”

“The first partnerships between the Majany Foundation and Stëmm vun der Strooss date back to 2015. Majany also gave Stëmm access to the crowdfunding platform Gingo Community. After two successful first campaigns, we launched the third fundraising campaign on the platform in January. This campaign has just come to an end and in one month we managed to raise €23,789. This money will contribute to the construction of a sheltered and heated terrace that will increase the capacity of the social restaurant,” added John Li. A double Valentine’s Day for the association!

To find out more about Manjany and its projects, visit their website or Facebook page.

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