Founded in 1996, the Stëmm vun der Stross encourages the social and professional integration of underprivileged but also discriminated individuals.

The association mainly supports people who are homeless, unemployed, living on a minimum wage, ex-criminals, asylum seekers, immigrants and people who suffer from addictions such as alcoholism, drugs and medication.


The association is dependent on volunteers, people who are willing to give their time for a good cause

The mission of the volunteer consists to visit people in hospitals and prisons. The volunteer has to respect the ethics and sensibilities to work with vulnerable people, thus discretion and professionalism are required. The “Immo Stëmm”, on the other hand enables an accessible housing market for vulnerable people.

Learn out what mean to be a volunteer in our organization:

  •  Have the availability of a discreet and open presence
  •  Listening in an empathetic attitude
  •  Have an attitude of tolerance and authenticity
  •  Create a warm welcome climate
  •  Ensure an atmosphere of calm and serenity
  •  Contributing to physical and mental comfort
  •  Support the disadvantaged person in times of anxiety, despair and loneliness

As volunteer you will have such opportunities:

  •  Volunteers organize their engagement flexibly
  •  Volunteers are entitled to a reference person in the institution
  •  Availability: frequency and timetable to be agreed upon
  •  Volunteers retain the freedom of their philosophical, religious and policies, as well as their privacy
  •  Volunteers may request a temporary suspension of their engagement
  •  Volunteers have the right to a specific training, to a permanent continuing education


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