Online language meetings

Online language meetings

ASTI, Association de Soutien aux Travailleurs Immigrés (Support Association for Immigrant Workers) is a non-profit organisation that offers to help migrants integrate through oral expression activities in order to acquire the necessary confidence to adapt to their new environment.

The objective of ASTI is to organise online language meetings in German, English, Luxembourgish and French. These meetings can be done individually with a virtual coach or by joining a conversation table of 2-3 learners.
Would you like to join a voluntary and socio-cultural activity?  Contact Asti by sending an email to or by phone at 438333-1.

Do you wish to improve your integration and learn a local language? Contact ASTI to take part in online conversation sessions (via smartphone or PC). It’s a simple and relaxed, flexible way that doesn’t require any travel !
Contact ASTI by sending an email to or by phone at 438333-1.


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