Press release : The Rotary Club Luxembourg-Horizon provided the lunch service

Press release : The Rotary Club Luxembourg-Horizon provided the lunch service

A festive atmosphere prevailed on Saturday 25 February 2023 during lunch at the social restaurant of the Stëmm in Hollerich, which is open one Saturday out of two in order to offer meals to people in need. No less than nine members of the Rotary Club of Luxembourg-Horizon volunteered to distribute the food and serve drinks.

Alexandra Oxacelay, Director of the Stëmm, could therefore count on committed people who not only provided lunch, but above all brought conviviality to the social restaurant. With understanding and listening, they gave their free time to the beneficiaries of Stëmm, all in a respectful setting. The latter were visibly delighted that people who have busy schedules could come to the social restaurant on a Saturday lunchtime and that they could chat with them.


Such actions are great, as Alexandra Oxacelay explains: “As it enables dialogues between people who are not necessarily used to running into each other. It also allowed us to relieve our people who are in a professional reintegration measure, who had a day off thanks to the presence of the members of the Rotary Club Luxembourg-Horizon”.


The non-profit association was also pleased to receive a donation of €2,500 from the Rotarians. This donation will be invested in the renovation work of the new social restaurant at 47, rue Prince Henri in Ettelbruck, which has been open since 2 February 2023.


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