Press release : Finance group offers the Stëmm a 300-kilo bull

Press release : Finance group offers the Stëmm a 300-kilo bull

Under the initiative of Nadja Knoth and Sven Ulbrich, the financial group fund2seed, together with the Stiftung Bienenelfe, decided to donate a whole cow with a net meat weight of over 300 kilos to the Stëmm vun der Strooss.
On Friday 26 May 2023, Thilo Umbach, head chef of the Stëmm’s social restaurant in Hollerich, was pleased to receive a very special delivery, which is more than convenient, especially in the current situation: “The numbers have increased drastically, at the moment we serve between 350 to 400 meals a day, so I am grateful for this sustainable and high-quality product from which I can prepare delicious dishes together with the kitchen staff.”
It should be mentioned that the bull comes from a herd of cattle owned by the non-profit foundation Bienenelfe. This foundation offers young animals from its own breeding for sale and takes care of animal welfare-oriented rearing. Bienenelfe founder Denise Ulbrich emphasises the sustainable idea behind the donation: “Unfortunately, not all of our animals find a buyer or animal sponsor. Since we focus on the sustainable use of resources, we wanted to stay true to our philosophy and donate the meat of the bull to those in need. With the help of fund2seed, we can make this possible.”
The donation handover took place in the presence of fund2seed representatives and the Stëmm management, who are delighted to have found a new committed partner in the finance group. This is already the second joint action, as Nadja Knoth, Managing Director of the fund2seed group in Luxembourg, explains: “This is not our first cooperation with the Stëmm vun der Strooss. Last December, we already had the opportunity to help with the food distribution at the Christmas party and to donate aprons. We were able to experience how grateful every single person was and what great work the Stëmm vun der Strooss team does every day. Many of the needy depend on the offer of a daily warm meal. But with our campaign, we don’t just want to meet the need, we also want to provide a moment of enjoyment in an otherwise rough everyday life.”
fund2seed is a privately owned German-Luxembourgish group of companies that is completely and exclusively dedicated to charitable goals and meaningful financial market transactions. The Bienenelfe Foundation is regionally rooted in Rheinhessen, ecologically as well as economically sustainable – the Bienenelfe Foundation is proof that animal and nature conservation is possible far away from radical ideologies. For their own donation, they have therefore chosen the Stëmm vun der Strooss as the recipient.
The non-profit organisation would like to thank fund2seed and Stiftung Bienenelfe for this special donation and looks forward to further joint projects in the future.

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