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Founded in 1996, Stëmm von der Strooss works for the social and professional integration of disadvantaged people. The non-profit association, which is co-ordinated by the Ministry of Health, works in close collaboration with the Luxembourg Red Cross. Its registered office is located in Luxembourg.

In 2004, the City of Esch-sur-Alzette placed premises at its disposal so that a second social restaurant was born there. The Schweessdreps Social Reintegration Workshop also took place in the mining capital. In the year 2014, Stëmm von der Strooss opened new branches in Hollerich, Schoenfels, Tétange and Belvaux. Homeless people, the unemployed, beneficiaries of the guaranteed minimum income, ex-prisoners, asylum seekers, migrants and people with mental and / or drug-dependent disorders, alcohol and drugs constitute its clientele.


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Meet our great team, which every day tries to make the life of people in need better. Learn about our departments and structural divisions according to our offices location.


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  • Dates clefs

  • 2023

    • Opening of a social restaurant in Ettelbruck at 47, rue Prince Henri
    • Start of collaboration with the Banque Alimentaire
  • 2022

    Opening of the Saxophone day care service, located at 24, rue de Hollerich, L-1740 Luxembourg.

    Inauguration of the Stëmm Caddy, 5 rue Zone um Woeller, L-4382 Sanem, in the presence of Ministers Georges Engel (Labour, Employment and the Social and Solidarity Economy) and Paulette Lenert

  • 2020

    •  Finalization of plans and building permit for the Caddy Schweesdrëps 2 project in the municipality of Sanem.
    • Setting up the Kanner Stëmm Service and finalizing signature of agreements with Centre Hospitalier du Nord (CHdN) and Robert Schumann Hospitals (HRS)
  • 2019

    • Find a location for the Caddy Schweesdrëps 2 project in the municipality of Sanem and finalize the preliminary construction project.
    • Rebuilding the teams of utility workers after the reorientations following the REVIS reform.
    • Organization of first Schoenfels party with residents, utility workers and alumni
    • Partnership with Fair Mëllech for milk and cheese
    • Recycling of foodstuffs from Auchan Cloche d'Or
    • Creation of the Fréijoer Botz with the towns of Luxembourg and Reckange
    • Organization of a birthday party to mark the 15th anniversary of the Esch-sur-Alzette meeting place.
    • Eltereschoul training offered to our community workers
    • Christmas party for over 400 people
  • 2018

    • Search for a location for the future Caddy Schweesdrëps 2 project
    • Clothes collection in the Auchan shopping mall with over 2.4 tons of clothing collected.
    • Reverse Advent Calendar action: 250 parcels received
    • Fundraising campaign for the purchase of a professional oven for the Hollerich site
    • Operation (planting preparation) of the new greenhouse in Schoenfels
    • Christmas party for 400 disadvantaged people
  • 2017

    • Action Adventskalender at the Caddy
    • Outing and free meals at the Alpha restaurant, Come à la maison and Kessel at the Schueberfouer
    • Esch-sur-Alzette: start of collaboration with Serve the city
    • St. Nicholas Day in collaboration with the Thierry Van Werveke Jugend-an Drogenhëllef Foundation and Taba (Abrigao)
    • Schoenfels: participation au « RTL-Jobdaag »
    • Oppene Gaard
    • Äppelrafaktioun" in the Schoenfels castle orchard with the "Schëndelser - Kueben" for village residents.
    • Shed and greenhouse inauguration
  • 2016

    • Excursion to Phantasialand Park and Han Caves
    • 20th anniversary of Stëmm
    • Salon de coiffure Celine Denis offers its services
    • Christmas party
  • 2015

    Inauguration of the Schonefels post-therapeutic center in the presence of Mars Di Bartolomeo, President of the Chamber of Deputies, François Bausch, Minister for Sustainable Development and Infrastructure, Dr Arno Bache, who replaced the Minister, and Albert Henkel, Mayor of Mersch.
    "Fréijoersbotz" in Schoenfels
    Participation in the "Schëndelser Schlassfest" and the "Alles op de Velo" event.
    Participation in the "Äppelrafaktioun" with the "Schëndelser Schlassfest",
    Stand at the Mersch Christmas market

  • 2014

    Inauguration of the workshop Caddy in Bonnevoie, where new locations were opened at 7, rue de la Fonderie in Hollerich, with 4 social housings in Belvaux, a residency Myosotis and five social housings in Tétange.

  • 2013

    Relocation in a new premise, such as 7 rue de la Fonderie in Hollerich and the refurbishment of former locations, 105, rue du cimetière to establish the workshop for professional reintegration: Stëmm Caddy. Participation in the film Follow me Home realized by Vito Labalestra, Sebastien Brinster, Marc Hamer and Véronique Gobert. The Schweesdreps organizes the 3rd edition soccer tournament ‘Stëmm schweest zesummen’. The hairdresser’s shop Avant-garde does the hair of 100 individuals within the establishment of the Schweesdrëps. For the third year in a row the restaurant Alpha opens its doors to 180 socially disadvantaged individuals. Exposition ‘Home Sweet Home’ at Neumünster Abbey in collaboration with the Thierry Van Werveke association; charity concert organized by the group Moof at the Hulturfabrik. A team of 5 people establishes themselves in containers and starts to work in the new therapeutic centre in Schoenfels. A briefing session is organized for residents. The team from Schoenfels participates at the Christmas market.

  • 2012

    100 individuals travel and discover the city of Paris.

    The book ‘Och mir sin Letzebuerg’ has sold 1000 copies and becomes a best seller.

  • 2011

    Refurbishment of the 2nd floor in the workshop Schweessdreps which enabled the cleaning of 36 sports club uniforms.

    30 individuals benefit from activities of professional reintegration, such as Urban Trail and Escher Kulturlaf.

    The Stëmm has organized an Information stand and a catering service while participating at the concert ‘D’Kees op and d’Klacken raus’ organized by the Foundation Thierry Van Werveke.

  • 2010

    The social restaurant in Bonnevoie has increased the number of ongoing servicing and takes care of more than 100 individuals a day; they serve approximately 26 000 meals during this year.

  • 2009

    This PDF document presents a history of Stëmm vun der Stroos as it was in 2009.

  • 2009

    Since march the Stëmm manages to distribute work on weekends on both sites in Luxembourg and Esch-sur-Alzette. The collaboration with the supermarket franchise Auchanenables the distribution and usage of 11 tons of free food products to underprivileged individuals. In April, the workshop Schweesdrëps moves and establishes their premises in the industrial hall 30, rue Jos Kieffer in Esch-sur-Alzette. Mupp Miez & méi a.s.b.l. offers free food to the pets of the customers. Additionally, a veterinarian is kind to offer free medical consultation.

  • 2008

    The Stëmmbroch Festival is organized by the Kulturfabrik due to the great support of artists such as Claudine Muno and Julien Arpetti. The Portuguese association Barrada organizes a Christamas Party at the local parish hall in Strassen and served 100 meals. Students from the Lycée Classique de Diekirch prepare meals and cook for the customers at the branch in Esch-sur-Alzette.

  • 2007

    For the 10th anniversary of the Stëmm, the royal couple of the Grand-Duchy comes to visit in the branch in Esch-sur-Alzette. The foundation Grand Duc Henri Grande Duchesse Maria Teresa donates 50 000 € to the project Immo Stëmm. The state attorney Robert Biwer and the mayor of the capital city Luxembourg are interviewed by editorial office. In July the Schweesdrëps organize a soccer tournament called ‘Stëmm schweest zesummen’ in collaboration with the commune of Strassen.

  • 2006

    Joelle Detaille is hired as a part-time chef at the social restaurant in Bonnevoie. Benoît Klensch is hired as a social worker to reinforce the service Immo Stëmm, which was created by volunteers. 11 individuals participate at the spring-cleaning the city of Luxembourg. For the 10th anniversary of the Stëmm, a concert has been organized in collaboration of 5 music groups at the Kulturfabrik and an academic session at the cultural centre in Bonnevoie. 200 individuals participate at the Christmas party.

  • 2005

    The uniforms of 35 sports clubs are washed in the workshop Schweessdreps on a weekly basis. After 6 years, the emission and broadcast ‘Stëmm vun der Stross: people who live on the streets’ has been suspended on the radio ARA. However, it will be broadcasted again two years later. The health minister, Mars di Bartolomeo and the mayor of the city of Esch-sur-Alzette prepare and serve 83 meals to the costumers at the restaurant in 32 Grand Rue in Esch-sur Alzette. The Kiwanis Club of Esch-sur-Alzette organizes a Christmas Party at the Place du Brill in Esch-sur-Alzette: 100 meals are served. A volunteer doctor and a hairdresser offer their services on the site in Esch. Creation of Immo Stemm by several volunteers, a social estate agency. A briefing session is organized at Schoenfels to present the future post-therapeutic centre. The publishing of Christiane Ehlinger’s book ‘Ee feine Jong’. December: Indian food is offered and served by 6 volunteers. For the 8th year in a row, the Stëmm invites individuals to their traditional Christmas Party. The FNEL Scouts prepare 147 meals, which are served by 10 volunteers of the State Street Bank. Additionally, 130 sweaters are offered by the Alter Domus society.

  • 2004

    Opening of the branch in Esch-sur-Alzette under Claude Consdorf’s responsibility. Anne Waringo is hired as a social worker to enforce the workshop of professional integration called Schweesdrëps. Paul Kremer is hired as a graduated educator to support people, who benefited from a professional integration in the cooking workshop. Raymonde Mopty is hired part-time as an accountancy secretary. 30 individuals participate in the realization of Robert Biwer’s movie called SDFgo home (homeless person goes home), which makes it to the prestigious Festival de Cannes, where the film is projected outside of the competition. Presentation of the film ‘Trollywood’ at the cinema Utopia. Inauguration of the branche in Esch-sur-Alzette. 1 000 CD Eraus are sold due to the support of the SACEM, which enabled de funding of 8 months of rent.

  • 2003

    Creation of the workshop of professional integration called ‘Kleederstuff’; free second hand clothes are redistributed to the underprivileged. In the presence of Abbé Pierre, the Grand-Duc Henri, the Grand-Duchesse Maria Thérèsa, the health minister, family minister, minister of social affairs, the film SDF go home is projected in the former Rotondes in Bonnevoie. The Stëmm participates in the opening of a shelter: 40 individuals can use the new premises at night.

  • 2002

    Marc Detaille, director of the Chambre de Travail and successor of Franoise Kuffer becomes president of the Stëmm vun der Stross. Claude Consdorf is hired as a social worker and is part of the opening of the second social restaurant in 32 Grand-Rue Esch-sur-Alzette. In August, 8 individuals take the bus to Deauville with 25 other homeless people from Paris to take part of the film ‘SDF go home’. 100 individuals are invited to the Christmas Party. Thierry Van Werveke starts to support the association and joins the festivities.

  • 2001

    Eugène Schauss is hired as full-time social worker and Susanne Wahl is hired as a part-time pedagogue to realize the ‘bimestriel Stëmm vun der Stross’.

  • 2000

    Ghyslaine Sturm is hired as a full-time graduate educator. In April, the Grand-Duc and Grand-Duchesse visit the premises in Bonnevoie.

  • 1999

    The doctor Arno Bache joins the team of volunteer doctors and offers free medical consultations at the main branch in the rue du cimetière. 6 emission Stëmm vun der Stross: people on the Streets is broadcasted once a month on radio ARA. The journal increases its pages from 16 to 26 pages. The editorial office commences an awareness campagne in secondary schools of the country. 10 000 brochures are distributed to explain the situation, which is usually goes back to alcohol and drug related problems.

  • 1998

    In April, Alexandra Oxacelay is hired as a journalist to create a workshop of professional integration located at Allée Schaeffer on Limpertsberg. The ambulance ‘Spidol op Rieder’ (Hospital on Wheels) offers free medical consultations at the train station, infront of the Ulysse shelter of night. In the month of June, the Stëmm establishes itself in Bonnevoie, 105 rue du cimetière et opens its first social restaurant. July: former director Jean-Marie Barnich is replaced by Alexandra Oxacelay. The first Christmas Parts is organized.

  • 1997

    Jean-Marie Barnich is hired as a social worker. First number of the ‘bimestriel Stëmm vun der Stross’.

  • 1996

    74 volunteers from the political, trade union, cultural and social worlds found the non-profit organization Stëmm vun der Strooss. Françoise Kuffer is President.

Our organization locations

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Social restaurant - professional workshops - head offic
+ 7, rue de la Fonderie L-1531 Luxembourg

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Sanem : Stëmm Caddy

Professional workshop
+ 5, Zone Um Woeller, L-4382 Sanem

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Social restaurant and vocational workshop
+ 32, Grand Rue L-4132 Esch-sur-Alzette

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Post-therapy centre
+ 1, rue du Village L-7473 Schoenfels

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Sanem : Immo Stëmm

Social estate agency
+5, Zone Um Woeller, L-4382 Sanem

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Sanem : Schweesdrëps

Professional workshop
+5, Zone Um Woeller, L-4382 Sanem

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Kanner Stëmm

Paediatrics Department
113, rue Gaston Diederich L-1420 Luxembourg

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Day care and accommodation service
24, rue de Hollerich L-1740 Luxembourg

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Social restaurant
47 Rue Prince Henri L-9047 Ettelbruck

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