Press release : Fraen a Mammen Rëmeleng continue to support the Stëmm

Press release : Fraen a Mammen Rëmeleng continue to support the Stëmm

The members of the Fraen a Mammen from the commune of Rumelange invited André Theisen, Vice-President of the Stëmm, and Bob Ritz, Communications Officer, to their General Assembly on Tuesday 28 April 2023.

Represented by President Amélie Zirwes, Secretary Liliane Komes-Steyer and Treasurer Yolande Gredé-Stempel, the members presented the Stëmm representatives with a generous cheque for €2,500. The sum collected is the result of the Christmas markets organised by the group of motivated and committed women in 2021 and 2022. For these occasions, they had baked and sold a huge amount of cakes, waffles, croque monsieur, biscuits, jams, christmas stollen, quiches lorraines and homemade pies.

The donation ceremony took place in a cosy atmosphere and the guests were treated to coffee and homemade cakes.

It must be added that the Fraen a Mammen Rëmeleng committee already made a donation of €5,000 to the charity last year to support the Stëmm Caddy project in Sanem, which has been in operation since September last year.

Bob Ritz and André Theisen thanked the Fraen a Mammen for their hospitality and years of loyal support.

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