Press release: How the Stëmm tackles the heatwave

Press release: How the Stëmm tackles the heatwave

The whole population has been exposed to the hot temperatures in recent weeks. For people living on the streets, the heat is often all the more dangerous because they have no shelter and it is more difficult for them to get drinking water. For this reason, Stëmm has been distributing large quantities of water bottles for weeks in its social restaurants in Hollerich and in Esch-sur-Alzette. Among others, water boxes from Stëmm’s partner Thalus Water in a Box are distributed to the guests.

In addition, the terraces have been equipped with terrace furniture and large sunshades so that guests can eat in a pleasant and shady atmosphere and are protected from the burns of the sun’s rays.

In Ettelbruck, where the Stëmm has been distributing food to the needy in a parking lot near the train station since March this year, they also make sure that people are provided with cold water and grenadine syrup.

The “Saxo” centre of the Stëmm vun der Strooss, located at 24 rue de Hollerich, is also aware of the importance of providing sufficient water to people who are already weaker. Here, drinking bottles are distributed to the needy, who can fill them up as often as necessary at the water dispenser in the centre.

But also the people who are active in a vocational reintegration measure have to be protected during the heatwave. For example, on very hot days, only cold food is prepared in the kitchen and the working hours are adjusted so that the employees only work in the morning.

Working hours are also adjusted at Schweesdrëps. Marc Balthasar, head of the workshop where 30 people clean the jerseys of many sports clubs, reports: “When it is very hot, we start two hours earlier than usual, at 7:30 a.m. This way, our employees can stay at home during the warmest hours of the day”.

With this appeal, Stëmm is addressing companies, communities and private individuals who want to help the neediest in our society by donating water bottles or drinking bottles.

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