The workshop of the editorial department offers individuals professional integration, rehabilitation and measures of prevention in terms of health and general wellbeing. The workshop mainly educates people to respect work ethics and principles in any professional domain. The individuals that take part in this workshop are supported by a pedagogue, who is responsible for the editorial department and journal; mainly the establishment of contact with the Luxembourgish press, to support unemployed people and facilitate their entrance onto the job market and finally familiarize socially disadvantaged people with new technologies.

The bimonthly Stëmm vun der Stross

A small group of 12 people are engaged part-time in the concept of the RMG (a form of social welfare in Luxembourg), which is realized by the bimonthly Stëmm vun der Strooss (journal created by the editorial office). The latter is published 5 times a year and prints approximately 6000 issues. The journal is available in two different ways, either by a subscription or free distribution to 270 addresses. Additionally, the journal is available in public places, such as hospitals and schools. The main subjects are usually discussed and chosen in meetings, which take place every Thursday.