Immo Stëmm

This infrastructure has been established by volunteers; the main objective is to offer a niche in in the housing market for people with modest revenues.

The headquarters of this structure are located in Hollerich (7, rue de la Fonderie L-1531 Luxembourg) and their main purpose is to offer an intermediary service between landlord and tenant. In 2014, 20 people could be successfully accommodated. Despite the fact, that 3 social workers are ensuring the continuous activity of this service, it is undeniable that the housing market in Luxembourg does not offer decent prices for low budgets.

Nevertheless, Immo Stëmm concludes a tenancy agreement with the candidates; the service does function according to the principles as any other agency in terms of the minutes of the meeting and legal establishments of a contract. The infrastructure, additionally, guarantees the payment of the rent for the chosen candidate.

The advantage of this agreement is as follows: if the current tenant is leaving for any given reason, the rent is continuously paid until a new tenant can occupy the premises. Additionally, the Immo Stëmm covers expenses for reparations in the accommodation.

The tenant is also guaranteed many conveniences, where they could benefit from a social integration and enjoy a more regulated life. Also, the price of the accommodation does not risk becoming higher because Immo Stëmm collaborates with local authorities that protect the status of the individual. The latter is given the opportunity to establish themselves within society and thus introduce stability into their life. Immo Stëmm can provide them electronic household devices with the collaboration of the Red Cross Luxembourg, which is called “Okkasiounsbuttek”.

However, the mere service of Immo Stëmm is not sufficient to guarantee the social reintegration of underprivileged people, as the aspect of health, life quality, a job, social acceptance and finally family support are crucial factors to support an unstable individual.