A team of 10 people benefit from this great opportunity of professional integration within the framework of the 2 different workshops of the “Kleederstuff”. This department is mainly collecting donated second hand clothes. These general collections are often organized by schools and companies. The general public can donate clean clothes, which is than redistributed to socially disadvantaged individuals. These donations can be brought at 7, rue de la Fonderie and in Esch/Alzette, 32 Grand Rue.

The Kleederstuff is an important concept, which enabled underprivileged people to have decent clothes that can help them on a daily basis; particularly in terms of professional integration, social gatherings and venues, but also an appropriate dress code at court. This workshop gives socially disadvantaged individuals the opportunity to maintain their dignity.

Opening hours:

For collection and donations: Monday to Friday from 9 am to 17 pm
For distribution of clothes: Monday to Friday from 13 pm to 17 pm

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Contact pour Hollerich

7, rue de la Fonderie
L-1531 Luxembourg/ Hollerich

Jill Jucken, éducatrice graduée
Tél. :49 02 60 35
E-mail :j.jucken@stemm.lu

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Contact pour Esch-sur-Alzette

32, Grand Rue
L-4132 Esch-sur-Alzette

Paul Kremer, éducateur gradué
Tel. : 26 54 22 22
E-mail : p.kremer@stemm.lu