The Schweesdrëps workshop was created in 2005 and is mainly a therapeutic centre, which is located at 5 Zone Um Woeller, L-4382 Sanem. These services are offered in 40 different clubs in south and central Luxembourg.

The Schweesdrëps engages 30 individuals, who are supported by 2 part-time social workers, 1 part-time and 1 full-time graduate educator.

The sport uniforms are washed and dry cleaned every week for 280 different sport clubs, which are 4000 different shorts, football shirts and shoes. People, who are engaged in this workshop get the chance to be introduced to a professional routine and can get some experience in the textile industry.

In order for the workshop to be continuously successful, the individuals are trained to work rigorously, fast and concisely, which helps them to have great references and experiences in their career and life.