Social Restaurant

The Stëmm vun der Strooss shares the same values like the “Resto du coeur” in France and runs two social restaurants on their own, located in Hollerich and in Esch-sur-Alzette. These food places are open to all segments of society.

It is a place where underprivileged people could benefit from a balanced meal for a low price. The general price for a hot meal is 50 cents and 25 cents for drinks. The food is prepared by people, who seek support for professional integration in the framework of the Caddy project. These beneficiaries of the Caddy project are trained by two graduate educators and partially trained by a hotel and restaurant owner.

  • In Hollerich, the social restaurant welcomes 158 people daily, who are experiencing social exclusion in some form.
  • In Esch/Alzette, 90 people are benefiting from hot meals daily, but also protection and warmth as the weather obviously worsens around fall time. Additionally, these people are given the opportunity to take showers and get free clothing.

The general ideology and principle of a social restaurant is to created a save haven for exchange and communication, where socially disadvantaged people can have a spot of integration into society. Unfortunately, the majority of society stigmatizes the exchange with underprivileged people. However, we are putting all our efforts towards the riddance of such stereotypes.

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Gebei Esch

Du lundi au vendredi : 112, Rue du Canal, L-4051 Esch/Alzette

Les dimanches : 32, Grand Rue, L-4132 Esch/Alzette

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Gebei Hollerich

7, rue de la Fonderie, L-1531 Luxembourg

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Gebei Ettelbruck

47, rue Prince Henri, L-9047 Ettelbruck

Opening hours:

Monday-Friday 12:00 -17:00

Meals are served till 16:30 and drinks till 16h45
every second weekend: on Saturdays 11:30 – 13:30 in Hollerich
Sundays 11:30 -13:30 in Esch/Alzette